Paintings by Paula
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  Dog Portraits
Harley-Shepherd Mix. rescued by Madilyn from the end of a chain
I am involved with local non-profit animal rescue groups so many of my portraits are of rescued animals, many of whom suffered terribly at the hands of their owners before finding kind and loving homes. I can not speak more highly of the dedicated individuals who kindly take in these damaged dogs and transform them into the sweet and loving creatures they are today. Thank you to the rescue groups who fight for the rights of animals, take them under their wings and help these loving creatures find their forever homes. A percentage of the proceeds from my paintings are donated to these thankless heros who commit their lives to the protection and care of animals.  

Waiting at Rainbow Ridge
Judy's pet family, past and present
Anchor in Alaska
Papas, Murdock,
 and Kidders
Smitty's sweet dogs! A gift from Gayle and Kevin